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Some of our current members are listed below, with their 'pen-pictures':

  Member Interest(s)
  Roger Coombes Roger joined the Club in 1997 and is the Current Treasurer. He has been Chairman on several occasions in the past.

He enjoys the writing of E S Brooks and is collecting Nelson Lee Libraries as well as his Norman Conquest (as Berkeley Gray) and Ironsides (as Victor Gunn) detective novels.

Roger prefers Nelson Lee Library and St Frank’s stories to Magnet and Gem.

He has come to the old story papers late in life. At the grammar school which he attended in the 1960s pupils were kept away from “popular” writers (he was once reprimanded when caught reading Biggles) as boys were meant to read only the classics!

Fortunately, Roger found solace in the Eagle (NOT a comic but a “picture strip weekly”!). and has been a devotee of Dan Dare, Luck of the Legion and the others, ever since.

He appreciates the comic art of the 1950s, especially the greats like the three Franks (Hampson, Bellamy and Humphris), Martin Aitchison, Ron Embleton and Don Lawrence. Ken Reid is his favourite “funny” artist.

Now retired, Roger is busy discovering children’s authors he missed - due to those zealous and forceful teachers - such as Malcolm Saville, Monica Edwards, Geoffrey Trease and Violet Needham, as well as Hamilton and Brooks.

Retirement, however, has not quelled his passion for Rupert, who celebrated his 90th anniversary in November 2010. Roger has been a member of the Followers of Rupert since 1984 and writes regularly for the Nutwood Newsletter.

In recent years he has also started appreciating Herge’s Tintin and Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant.

Roger has been a fan of Dr Who from its first episode in 1963, but he disapproves of the new series – “not proper Who!”

He is also a fan of old time wireless – Children’s Hour, Paul Temple, Journey into Space, Hancock’s Half Hour, etc. and claims to be addicted to The Archers [if that's his biggest crime, we won't hold it against him - Ed] Roger has long since abandoned most TV!

  Malcolm and Valerie Barrow  
  Neil Beck Member since the early 1960s. Main interests are Greyfriars and St Frank's. Spent thirty years in Public Libraries, retiring as Divisional Library Manager based in Eastbourne. In the last ten years I have developed a second-hand cricket book business (Castle Cricket Books) working with Sussex County Cricket Club. Latterly, I have also worked part-time in the village Post Office (still open!)

Married with one son and a lovely grand-daughter, I enjoy foreign travel - especially Egypt.  

  Nigel Colman Chairman in 2012, Nigel has this to say about himself:

I joined the Club some in 2005, having been a lifelong admirer of the works of Charles Hamilton, AKA Frank Richards, Martin Clifford, Owen Conquest et al.

It's been wonderful to meet fellow enthusiasts and to be given the opportunity to expand my knowledge of this fascinating man and, of course, have access to the Club Library which contains so much of his work.

  Len Cooper Current London OBBC joint-Chairman, custodian of the Hamiltonian Library and fan of all things Hamiltonian, since reading Billy Bunter's Christmas Party in the mid 1960s.

"I had a 25 year break from Bunter, until fortuitously discovering the brilliant Frank Richards - The Chap Behind the Chums, in 1997, whereupon I found out that Frank Richards was one of many pen-names of the Master! Joined the Club in 1999."

  Ken Ellis  
  Chris Harper Current London OBBC joint-Chairman, with Len Cooper.
  John Lester Took on the task of Club Secretary in 2012.
  David Marcus Former Joint-Chairman (along with Mary Cadogan) in 2009.
  Gary Panczyszyn I joined in 1993 and am a fan of the stories of Greyfriars, St. Jim's, Morcove and Cliff House.
  Alan Pratt Former Chairman and active contributor at many a Club meeting!
  Vic Pratt Retired from the role of Secretary in January 2012 after a dozen years of excellent service.
  Mark Taha  
  Robert 'Bob' Whiter Proud Club founder-member and one of the few people, still living, to have met Frank Richards.